ADOPTED: Jesse, 1 year old female weimaraner, Centurion

ADOPTED: Jesse, 1 year old female weimaraner, Centurion

Jesse, our beautiful 3 year old girl, is finally available for adoption!  Jesse had an accident and broke one of her legs.. badly.  She needed an operation her family was not willing to pay for, and through the help and support of our amazing community, Jesse not only had her surgery, but is ALMOST ready for her new home.

There is no reason to believe that Jesse will require any further treatment.  There is no pins, no plates and the amazing surgeon was able to set the bones using an external “cage”.  Once the final pieces of the contraption comes off, she should be good as new.

We would highly recommend Jesse to a home with other dogs.  She is social and she loves her adoptive weimaraner family.  She has not been introduced to cats, and as such, we cannot recommend it.  Jesse should be great with children that are of school-going age.

We are looking for the best special family for Jesse, and will be screening prospective families carefully.  Homechecks apply.  We would prefer a family that has someone at home during the day.  A family that is able to provide Jesse with a good quality diet and veterinary care when required.

Please contact or whatsapp 0824644929 for an application.

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