Princess Jasmine and Razoul

During the middle of June 2018 I got a frantic message from a family in Heidelberg.  The breadwinner lost his job and the family was moving into a parents’ home. The sad fact was that Jasmine and Razoul was not welcome in this home.  With two pups 5 and 9 months of age at risk, one of our fantastic supporters, Shannon, jumped into her car and raced off to Heidelberg to collect the two.

Razoul was happy enough to jump in the car with no understanding of what was about to change in his life.  Jasmine on the other hand was a little more wary and her instincts were telling her something was about to change!

Shannon offered to foster them for a few days, however, a pre-approved adopter had already approached me to adopt both these adorable puppies!

Quick arrangements were made and the next morning they went off to their new home in Pretoria with Bill and Michelle Le Roux.  What a match!  We are so happy to see these two settling into their new home and loving the attention from their adoptive family.   We would not be able to do this without the support of many wonderful people.  Thanks to Willem and Johan for conducting the homecheck, Shannon for collecting the kiddies and dropping them off at their new home at such short notice, and Glenstantia Vet for assisting in getting them the required sterilisation, vaccinations and chipping.



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